Our Services

Site Evaluation and Design
Soil Testing
Landscape Planning, including LEED compliance
Landscape Design
Site Supervision of Landscape Installation
Stormwater & Drainage Planning
Environmental Site Management
Rainwater Harvesting Planning, with infrastructure
Rain Garden Design, with grading and planting
Conservation Planning and Representation
Organic Landcare Guidance, including transitioning properties from conventional (chemical) care to 100% organic Ornamental Planting

Ornamental Planting

Specialty Planters and Window Boxes - Fall and Summer Bulbs - Annuals - Perennials - Shrubs - Nursery Tree Stock - Mature Tree Planting/Transplanting - Native Plantings from beach grass to full sized native trees

Landscape Maintenance

Edging - Weeding - Fertilizing - Pruning - Mulching

Tree and Shrub Care

Fertilization - Corrective Pruning - Formative Pruning - Fruit Tree Care - Specialty Pruning, including pleaching, pollarding, espalier, topiary, and outdoor bonsai


Guidance, this is FREE! We want everyone to compost and we'll help you find a system that works for you. The result is a rich product that can be used right on your own property to improve your soil and reduce waste going to the transfer station.

But now that we're here, we want you to know that we recycle all yard debris, regardless of whether you are able to participate directly in the process.