Accredited Organic Landcare Professionals

Fieldworks Landscape is guided by the Northeast Organic Farmers Association's Accredited Organic Landcare Professional program. Having completed the intensive course in 2008 and attending continuing education events throughout the year, we can transition your property from conventional management to organic care with confidence. Let us show you how organic landcare can work for you, with a management plan including soil testing, pest and disease monitoring (using Integrated Pest Management- IPM) and correction of soil biology to improve your landscape from the ground up.

We are trained to recognize disease and pest symptoms and detect imbalances before long-term problems develop. Early detection reduces the need for harmful chemicals and keeps your property healthier overall. 

Contact us with your questions about how an organic program can work for you.

Learn more about the Northeast Organic Farmers Association (NOFA) Organic Landcare program by visiting their website.

Recycling and Green Practices

Fieldworks Landscape has reduced, reused and recycled since our early days.

All yard debris is sent to one of several composting facilities, the closest to our job, the better for fuel savings.

Planting pots are reused or recycled at the transfer station.

In our office printing is kept to a minimum. Invoices are emailed whenever possible, paper files have been reduced by electronic scanning, all shredded paper is composted or sent to recycling at the transfer station. All office lighting is LED.

Any incidental trash is completely sorted and recycled whenever possible.

We purchase machines with higher efficiency whenever equipment needs replacement.

All retired tools are offered free for reuse or parts.

Used hardscape materials (brick, wood, stone) are always offered free for anyone who might reuse them.

Office and shop lighting uses CFLs or LEDs

Waste loads are covered securely so that no debris leaves the vehicle or trailer while driving.